Exercise the heart.

Rames Deonaraine’s collection of inspirational quotes in Power Quotes to Energize Your Life, offers much insight into living a more focused and purposeful life. He urges us to look into our own hearts by continuing to dream and by looking within ourselves to awaken our full potential. A focus on bringing the best out in ourselves will lead us toward living a more meaningful life and puts us on the path to becoming our best selves. Obstacles and adversity along our path give us the chance to challenge and develop our best selves.

To stay inspired, I start my day with some refreshing fruit and revitalizing quotes. Each day is a new start, and a healthy start to your day will allow for you to maintain your energy throughout the day. I do this by blending a smoothie in the morning, MegaFood powders can be a powerful addition to strengthen the mind and body. NutriBullet also has a line of powders called SuperFood, which can also help maximize your smoothie’s nutritional potential. Feeding our body is essential to building the energy needed to exercise our bodies and our hearts.

We exercise our hearts by lifting up the our own spirit and those of others. When we look into the heart, the heart grows beyond all boundaries. Massieu defined gratitude as the memory of the heart. When we remember with our heart, we let go of blame, for a grateful heart is the foundation upon which compassion grows. When we silence our minds, we remain open enough to hear our inner voice through which our soul can speak. Listening to our inner voice, as one does through meditative practices, is essential to becoming our best selves. This is because it frees us to be our authentic selves. And remember, as Joseph Campbell would say: the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. Be who you are.

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  1. REFRESHING FRUIT JUICE! Remember ours? ❤


  2. Not to mention the one you made me for my hangover…


    1. It’s the same recipe! Those powders are the secret cure to all life’s ailments

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