11 Reasons to Keep Going

  1. You matter.

Even if you feel like you don’t matter, you do matter. Reminding yourself that you matter is the first step in rekindling a sense of purpose or passion for your life and the work you can do. You belong here. You really belong here.

2. Your life has meaning.

You are meant to be here. Your life has meaning. Even if you feel like life is meaningless, that is not true. Your life has purpose and you need to keep going to find it.

3. There are people you’ve never met before.

There are people in this world who you have never met. They might become your best friend, significant other, or someone who passes by and changes your life or view of the world. Keep going to find them. Keep going to become one in someone else’s life.

4. There are places you’ve never been.

There are so many beautiful places in this world where you will go and you will find parts of yourself there, as well as leave parts of yourself there. You need to keep going in the hope that one day you will be in these places and you will be so glad that you decided to keep going when you felt like you couldn’t.

5. There are stories you haven’t heard.

Stories can enthrall, captivate, and change you. They can open your mind to things you’ve never known before and show you things you have never seen. Keep going and look out for these stories. Share these stories with others.

6. There are movies to watch.

Movies have the unique quality of transporting you somewhere else. You can travel through your mind when witnessing the images on the screen. They can teach you lessons that you may need to learn at the exact moment you watch it. They can be a source of commonality and connection with someone else if you both have seen the same movie, even if you have differences of opinion. Find a movie that speaks to you. You can even start a blog about it.

7. There is something to learn.

There truly is always something to learn. Learning something new can help release your brain from replaying old narratives that no longer serve you. You are called to become better and learning is a powerful tool in self-transformation. Learn something new and you will find more direction.

8. There is someone who cares.

It can be hard to keep going when you feel like no one cares for you. I promise you that there is someone who cares. Think of those who have cared in the past, even if you have lost them, keep that care close to your heart and know you are not alone. You may find someone in the future who cares for you so deeply that you will look back at this time where you felt like no one cared and feel immense gratitude for holding on so that you could get to that point of sincere care.

You will also care again, even if you feel like there is nothing you will ever feel passionate about. Your spark will come. You will find that thing that sets you on fire and you will feel alive; keep going.

9. You can make someone’s life better.

Even if you feel helpless or hopeless, you are powerful. It can be hard when you forget your power. You have so much power and you can use this power to make someone’s life better. Maybe you are called to make someone else’s life better by inspiring, serving, helping, or leading. This is purpose.

Perhaps the life you’re supposed to make better is your own. You have the power to make your own life better by committing to your self-improvement and utilizing every resource you have to become the person you will be happy with. You can be your best self and if you devote yourself to this, you will be.

10. Nature never judges.

Sometimes we give up on ourselves because we feel others have given up on us. This is never a solution. When we are unjustly judged by others, that does not define us. We are defined by our courage to face ourselves and to rise to keep going.

If you are feeling lost from external judgement or even your own inner critic, you can find yourself in nature. Nature never judges. Nature accepts us as we are. We need to connect with nature to remind ourselves that we aren’t meant to judge. We are meant to accept, this is our true nature.

Go outside, find a spot in nature, find yourself in nature. You deserve acceptance. You are worthy of acceptance. Then, offer acceptance.

11. There are sunrises you haven’t seen.

Being with yourself in front of a sunrise can be one of the most serene and profound moments of your life. You are reminded that as the sun awakens to a new day, we can awaken to a new life. We are capable of what we can imagine and this is our responsibility. We are meant to do the right thing. We are meant to believe in ourselves. We are meant to be strong enough to believe in others and inclusively support them.

Watch a sunrise and know that you also have the ability to rise and make a new start. Leave the darkness in the dawn. Begin anew. Rise to meet the new you. Keep your good heart. Keep your faith. Keep going.

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