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Last November, I started a poetry platform. I wanted to help others feel less alone through creating a consistent form of poetry between poet and reader. I have posted a poem every Monday. I wanted to become a better person and writer. I wondered how much I could improve myself and my writing in one year, so I made a one-year commitment to my platform and titled it Summation 52, my self-improvement and writing platform. I named each collection after a value I wanted to embody and the poem of that week was my self-reflection on that value. The collections are: be yourself, fidelity, gentler, lovely, temperance, peaceful, kind, joy, goodness, and the upcoming patience.

Writing a poem a week has held me more accountable as a writer, and I completed my ten year project and published it as a short story through Kindle Direct Publishing. I started featuring other poets on my blog with their interviews and links to their accounts and books. I post my interviews on Tuesdays. I have interviewed over 30 poets now, and have become more active in the twitter writing community by connecting with them. I was even interviewed for someone else’s blog, and I spoke about my poetry. It has been such a powerful experience and an uplifting year.

I launched a Groups section on my platform for all different kinds of writers to connect with other writers. If you are a writer, check it out here:

There is even a group for bloggers. I would love to have you join and invite friends!

The poem for today, Snapshot, is about nostalgia of memories passed and the goodness of what’s to come:

“All that a memory can hold,

Another story untold.

A desire for recollections to unfold.

A memory held within a snapshot.

Inspiring remembrance and abstract thought.

Dreaming of the future, a forethought.

Presence of mind,

A worthwhile trust of a new kind.

Fast forward, don’t hit rewind.”

This is about dedicating yourself to the future you want to have. It is about declaring the future version of you that you want to become and committing yourself to your vision. Declare who you want to become in the comments below. Declare it as this is who you are now, because it’s already inside of you.

Join a group on Summation 52 and share your story!

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  1. ritawrites07 says:

    Your poems are always full of positivity and goodness, i loved this one.


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