The Three C’s of Overcoming a Funk

The three C’s of overcoming a funk are:

Cleaning- The life-changing magic of tidying up has been documented by Marie Kondo. Cleaning can change the way you feel about yourself and your life. This change in environment can clear your mind, and bring you closer to the person you want to be.

Clearing- Clearing energy is a purge of what is stagnant and both moving and clearing that energy from your space. An example of this within your space is playing shamanic drumming. An example of this in your body would be dancing or meditating by moving your head from side to side and shaking your body out. Movement and rhythm can change how you feel and can have an immediate impact.


Cleansing- Cleansing energy can be as simple as taking a shower or washing your hair. It can be more spiritual, like lighting sage or diffusing or burning frankincense oil or incense. It’s about renewing your energy and revitalizing your spirit. Reading your favorite poetry can be transformative to your energy. Find what is right for you and release what is blocking you from feeling at your best.

These work immediately. Tell me which one you’re going to try in the comments or what you do to get over a funk.

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