Halloween Reading List for October

Here is my Halloween Reading List for October. I have selected seven titles that I will be reading throughout the month: from horror poetry to horror tales. Join me in reading these titles. I have special features from some of these authors coming out on my poetry platform this month. Get yours before October and read with me.

Dreams of Decay by S. Alessandro Martinez

“Look in the closet and check under the bed; lay down to sleep and pull the covers up to your chin as you drift off into the whimsical world of dreams. But sometimes dreams decay, becoming nightmares, black and frightening. Journey into the darker realms where the fantastical meets the horrific. From deep within the terrifying imagination of S. Alessandro Martinez, this collection delves into the darkly amusing, the strange, and the eerie; poems guaranteed to send shivers down your spine and make your skin crawl.”

Neon Nightmares: A Collection of Short Stories by Tanweer Dar

“Set in the neon soaked cities of a cyberpunk world, this grisly collection contains thirteen short horror stories certain to keep you awake at night… From malevolent machines to biological terrors, expect no mercy here. SHORT STORIES: 1 Glitch – Jessica wants to unwind in her apartment. What could possibly go wrong? 2 Biohazard – Just another day at the office…in a high security research lab. 3 Trance – It’s going to be a night they won’t remember. 4 Infestation – Evolution takes an unexpected, and rather frightening, turn. 5 Hunted – Murphy is on the run, but something is hot on his tail. 6 Thirst – The fridge is full, but they prefer their drinks fresh. 7 Bionic – Tyrese has a shiny new arm, but will he be able to handle it? 8 Reptilian – Amy and Kayla encounter a man with a difference. 9 Canoid – A family is excited to take delivery of their new synthetic pet, but they get more than they bargained for. 10 Wetware – The human brain is still the most advanced computer around, and someone wants to hack it. 11 Virtual – Kevin enjoys playing his VR game so much, he spends days on end in a different reality. 12 Shadow – A mysterious killer is stalking the streets. Who will be his next victim? 13 Sanctuary – It’s nice to have a safe place, but what happens when danger comes knocking?”

Death’s Garden (Reaper Black Book Series) (Volume 1) by Multiple Authors and Sara Tantlinger

“The Lycan Valley Reaper has a new hobby — Gardening. He tends to each plant’s every need from seed to harvest. The black seeds bloom in the shadows, petals unfolding as the twisted vines take root in your mind.These 13 stories and 12 poems are planted, germinated and ready for the harvest.Souls collected from Edward Ahern * Shaun Avery * Ross Baxter * R Bratten weiss * Jonah Buck * O.R. Dalby * JG Faherty * Dale W Glaser * Jill Hand * Michael H Hanson * Liam Hogan * Mathias Jansson * Jordan King-Lacroix * Chad Lutzke * A.M. Nestler * Kurt Newton * Gregory L Norris * Allan Rozinski * Susan A Sheppard * David F Shultz * Claire Smith * Max D Stanton * John McCallum Swain * Sara Tantlinger * Steven Wynne”

Extinction Imminent by Simon Warwick Beresford

“Buy it whilst there’s time
Buy it whilst you can
A little book of rhyme
Before the end of

Fantasy, Horror
A splash of Erotica
Climate Change / Disaster
And even True Crime



Pagan Mythology

The House on Blackstone Hill by Antonio Ricardo Scozze

“Adam Long is an award-winning journalist, trying to come to terms with the professional consequences of quashing a controversial news story that has ruined his reputation.

His life changes after he and his wife Ava move to a colonial mansion. Adam seems obsessed with the building, which has a long, dark history of madness and murder. Digging deeper, Ava realizes that the horror in the old mansion is much darker than they could have ever expected.

But can she protect her family – and save his husband’s sanity – or will they both lose their lives to the darkness that lives in The House on Blackstone Hill?”

Matriarch by Adam Wing

“The story is over. It’s already too late.

At the end of the Turkish War of Independence, a British soldier disobeys orders to return home. Setting out to explore a country he had only known as trespasser, he uncovers danger, mysteries, and magic—adventure, obsession, and true love.

One hundred years later, the soldier’s great-granddaughter sits at her great-grandmother’s deathbed while the old woman recounts this very tale; it is the last she will ever tell.

Secrets are revealed as past and present collide, and as one woman’s future draws toward its inevitable close, another finds hers thrown into uncertainty.”

Werewolf Nights by Mari Hamill

“A film crew, drawn to a Michigan town because of its werewolf legend, sets a chain of events in motion in this book. Romance, mystery and danger mix to provide an unforgettable story.”

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