Alchemy of Love by Sophie Fouch

My review: “I listened to Sophie’s Spotify playlist that is presented at the start of the book, and indulged in the wonders that are of her mind, heart, and art. Her poems are lovely and speak to the transformative nature of love. The drawings she includes add to the immersive experience and brings the reader out of their world and invites them into Sophie’s realm of passion and poetry in this work, “The Alchemy of Love.” I would recommend you set time to really immerse yourself with this reading and escape into her french paradise.”

Sophie writes in English and French. She accompanies each poem with a drawing. The blue and gold hues add to the experience and feel like a warm embrace. The Alchemy of Love is a great way to treat yourself to an escape of your everyday and to embrace the passion that only poetry really brings out in us.

Within me, it brought up the question, “what do I alchemize?”

Do I bring love into this world, like Sophie? Am I ignited by a flame of passion that I share with my partners? Do I share art with others in creative ways that bring worlds to life?

The first question stuck with me: “what do I alchemize?”

I pondered this. I know I alchemize compassion. Compassion is sincerely important to me. Compassion guides my interactions with others. Compassion is my guiding light. It shows that I care for others, and it motivates me to take action on that care.

I encourage you to immerse yourself in art, really feel it, and ask yourself the question: “what do I alchemize?”

Take time. Take space. Look within. Observe your thoughts and reflect on your actions. What values do you bring to life?

Comment if you know what you bring to life. I would love to know and hear from you!

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  1. Timothy Patton says:

    I believe I alchemize understanding into the world. I work in Human Resources, which fits me perfectly as it allows me to look at all the shades between black and white. Being able to comprehend a plethora of personal issues and resolutions is what I’ve been able to alchemize into the world.


    1. That’s so inspiring. The world is a better place with you in it!


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