The Violence of Comparison

In creating art, there is a deep violence in comparison. For artists, when you compare yourself to others, that is a violence against your own potential, and when you stop creating due to comparing yourself to others, that is a violence you are doing against those who could potentially be impacted by your work. In a recent meditation, I found the importance of finding perfection in moments that are unique. We are all unique. We are meant to create from the part of us that is whole and complete. From this place, we can create something that is uniquely imprinted with our message and our signature. The beauty of art is in the significance of suspended moments. It is bringing a feeling that we forget, now to the surface. It is the realization of what is lost and the forgiveness of what has been a burden. Unique art allows us to transcend who we are and calls us to think beyond our limits. It opens our minds and hearts to what can be, what has been, and releases what should be.

Considering comparison as a violence, brings our awareness to the compassion needed to release our art and share the innermost parts of ourselves with others. Do not forfeit the potential impact you can make because you can’t see past someone who is doing better than you in some realm you value. It is important to admire those who give their all and raise the standards we previously held. Role models have their place. Comparison is blinding and discredits your own worth, because you are labeling your value as it contrasts with another. Our value comes from existing, and we honor all parts of ourselves when we respect ourselves. Comparison is in opposition to self-respect. Find ways to earn self-respect with yourself every day. Value yourself as a whole person for your many facets. See yourself as a creator. Let your comparisons find compassion.

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