Find Clarity to Solve Overwhelm

When feeling overwhelmed, the solution is to find clarity. You may find writing a blog post daunting if you plan to make an income from it, before you have a following. You may find writing a screenplay overwhelming if you are focused on winning an award for it. To find clarity, you think of the next step: writing one post or writing a few scenes. It’s important to have vision for the future of what you want and to have a driving force of desire within you, but your focus must be on the process and details must be clear. You may even find that your desire is not what brings you happiness. If this is the case, you can pivot to what will bring you happiness and fulfillment.

This comes with trusting yourself. You need to trust yourself to have a clear vision and have clarity on your smaller goals that build that vision. Who you are is a springboard for making goals that align with your vision and the innermost parts of the depth of your soul.

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