Desensitization to Value

It is common for creatives to become desensitized to their own work. Working on the same content for hours, days, weeks, and years can limit your ability to see your own message and its potential impact. Desensitization to your work’s value can impact your ability and motivation to create. We know our own stories, we know our own lyrics, we know the arches in our drawings. We forget what it is like for someone who experiences our art for the first time. We can become blind to our own message. We create form the heart, but becoming desensitized means we no longer see our art from our heart. We can be critical, perfectionists, and experience our art from our minds- overanalyzing the nuances of what we put out there.

It is also possible to become desensitized to the people, places, things, and experiences in our own lives. We take these experiences and people for granted. This is where looking at our lives from the perspective of simple gratitude can have powerful impact. In this way, looking at our life as if we are experiencing it for the first time can free us from feelings of desensitization. Similarly, reexperiencing our art from the perspective of the first time can open our hearts to the value our stories and art bring to each open heart ready to experience it.

Have you become desensitized to your art’s value?

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