Fear: The Thief of Time

So many of us believe time is our greatest obstacle: we don’t have enough and we need more. Time is not our obstacle, it’s fear. When we are living in a state of fear, the time we have is not utilized. We are afraid to do the things that will be best for us. We compromise to survive rather than thrive. Fear is the thief of our time. Fear can paralyze. Fear can immobilize. Fear can stop us from doing our best. Fear can stop us from trying. Fear can stop us from asking. Fear can stop our creative pursuits.

Next time, you are looking for more time, ask yourself, “was there time today that I felt fear instead of moving forward?” Awareness can change your perspective. Being aware of your fear can bring you to the present moment and allow you to experience joy in the places that were filled with fear. This is important, because sometimes coming from a place of joy and self-compassion, we are stronger and more capable of overcoming our fear: whether it be irrational, valid, traumatic, or conditioned. We deserve to live a life where we feel safety, joy, and gratitude.

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