Letter to Myself from Future Me

Dear Katie,

I know you are fearful of how far you can go due to stigma, mental health disorders, and even age and gender. The most important thing I can tell you is so are other people. You must do all you can to show people how to overcome stigma, how to believe in themselves and create a roadmap and hope for healing. Keep going. You have so much value to share. Remember, rest is a form of productivity. What you put out is what you get back in full. You are going to be so overwhelmed and grateful for the magical simplicity of the synchronicity of your life and work coming full circle. What you are building is more important than what you are leaving behind. Your unwavering belief in people will bring joy into this world and will birth a renaissance around you that will be enlightening, uplifting, and will feed your soul as well as bring out the best of your heart. You will share your heart with others and its strength will grow and outlast any and all hardship.

With love,


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