5 Reasons Every Creative Needs A Creative Sprint

Ever had writer’s block? Have you felt alone on your writing journey? Let’s talk about a solution: creative sprints! Creative sprints are community-led daily check-ins where creatives are supported and held accountable. I’ll give you an example from the creative sprints I run in my discord:Creativille. Usually for 30 days a community member commits to working on their art form for at least 10 minutes per day and going into the discord to update the community on what they worked on that day. Here are five reasons every creative needs a creative sprint.

1. You won’t feel alone

When I first began writing, I felt so alone. I felt so alone that I became suicidal. I didn’t know any writers. No one in my life believed in me. No one understood why I had to write. No one understood until I published my first book, Periwinkle Wishes. I decided to publish Periwinkle Wishes, because it was easy to read. I attempted to win over the people who doubted me with my first published book, and it worked! 

Feeling alone only changed for me when I decided to grow on Twitter. I started with 500 followers and grew to 18k (mostly all writers). I began featuring poet interviews on my poetry platform, and this is what changed my life. I started to find joy weekly in reading the over the email interviews from these poets who felt like my soul family. I’m telling you this to show you the importance of community.

Now, let’s talk about creative sprints. When you are in a creative sprint, you are reminded of the freedom of expression and powerful outlet that is the process of creating. Even if you don’t sit down to write that day, make a post, or pick up a sketchpad- you are reminded that someone else did. There’s power in that. Knowing that someone is creating that day and feeling like you are a part of it by being in community with other creatives reminds us that we are not alone. We all deserve to feel a little less alone, especially in our creative journeys.

2. You’ll hold yourself accountable 

I’ll say it: accountability isn’t a scary word! I know why some of you may be thinking that it’s a scary word. I’ve had people open up to me about what stops them from joining a community that holds them accountable. People envision that the community will make them feel inadequate when they don’t show up. This is not the truth. The community does not hold you accountable. You hold yourself accountable.

The community is there to support you, and you have the opportunity to support others! No one will point out the ways you feel “less than,” because no one is even noticing it. Everyone is focused on their own insecurities and their own dreams (just like you). I hope this realization brings you a sense of freedom and joy. I’m sure at the same time it may open your eyes to the ways that you are your harshest critic. I hope your awareness reminds you that you can choose to be your biggest supporter!

The role of the community is for each member to support each other. This is how you will grow to be your own biggest supporter. You might feel inadequate only working on writing for 5 minutes that day, while you were overwhelmed with all of the facets of your everyday life. But, when you put that in the discord, the community reminds you that you still did something. They remind you that you showed up that day even when you were busy, and that’s something to celebrate. This starts to reframe how you treat yourself.

3. Overcome creative blocks

Every writer knows the most dreaded aspect of writing: writer’s block! Whether it’s due to perfectionism, something you’re going through, or even burn out from your 9-5: we know what it is and we don’t want to be there! But, how do we get unstuck? My solution is always a creative sprint! Creative sprints provide inspiration, reinforcement, and accountability. It feels like a reward when you work on your craft (for however long) and you get to post about it.

Creative sprints build momentum. One of my best friends and collaborator, Sara Habbab, started her journey with a 30 day creative sprint. She then made the goal to hit 365-days. Next, she made the goal to hit 1,000-days of art! That’s momentum! For you, you may only need 90 days to finish your creative project or 30 days to build momentum by  practicing a creative outlet. Either way, your creative experience is valid and momentum is the secret to overcoming creative blocks.

4. Share resources

When we do it alone on our journey, we have limited resources. There’s only so much time and effort we can devote to exploring our creative knowledge. When you join a community your resources expand. Maybe you’re wondering how to build an email list and someone else can teach you how to make a newsletter on substack. Maybe there’s a book you need to read on pursuing art. There is a power in community.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African proverb

We can go farther together. We have more momentum, we have more resources, and we have more support in community. Nothing replaces advice from someone who’s been there. In community, we meet people who have done the things we aspire to do. They are within reach. We can learn and grow from and with them. It’s time to recognize the power of community. 

An important part is not only learning from the community, but the opportunity to give to the community. You have so much to share with others. You can be a part of someone else’s journey. You can remind someone else that they are not alone. Sometimes we don’t understand how much we can have, until we realize how much we can give.

5. You’ll be inspired 

If you follow me on any platform, you probably appreciate this last reason! You’ll be inspired if you join a creative sprint! I know I am inspired by every creative sprint I join or run. Seeing everyone else build momentum, getting support, and giving support brigns me to life! The collective momentum becomes contagious. 

If you don’t feel like creating, you go into the discord and see someone else creating. This always motivates me to give that extra push to my own creative work. I know so many people who say the same thing to me. We all experience that collective momentum.

So you want to join?

Here’s how you join and what to do!

  • Join our discord, Creativille, here!
  • Work on your craft for at least ten minutes a day
  • Post your progress in the channel of your art form 

In case you need a reminder, you are not alone on your journey of creating. There are other people looking to connect with you and share in the joy of creating. Creativille is a great place to start with a creative sprint. Commit to 30 days- or more/less depending on what’s right for you.

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