5 Reasons Every Creative Needs A Creative Sprint

Ever had writer’s block? Have you felt alone on your writing journey? Let’s talk about a solution: creative sprints! Creative sprints are community-led daily check-ins where creatives are supported and held accountable.

Believe in Your Artistic Vision Meditation

Set the intention to honor your gifts and move forward as your breathing and artistic self. Sit upright, chin slightly tucked in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Put one hand on your belly and one on your chest. Breathe into your belly and try to have your chest move only slightly, if at all….

Mood: Poetry & Community

Last November, I started a poetry platform. I wanted to help others feel less alone through creating a consistent form of poetry between poet and reader. I have posted a poem every Monday. I wanted to become a better person and writer. I wondered how much I could improve myself and my writing in one…