Art: Reframing Logic vs Emotion

In terms of creative output and art, there is a necessary reframing that must take place between logic vs emotion to mindfulness vs inspiration. Artists can be perceived as emotional and illogical, however the depth reached in art exceeds the superficial nature of “logic” and “emotion.” Logic and emotion are reactions, they are not artfully crafted experiences that recognize conscious awareness which artists embody and the transcendent inspirations that artists honor in their work. Artistry is cultivated and a lived awareness. The idea of logic oversimplifies what artists do. Artists are mindful. When they create stories, songs, sketches, it is not logical- it is a mindful lived awareness of human complexity. Emotions can be conveyed by art, but it is inspiration that carries the burden of what we feel to transcend the emotion and offer insight or solidarity. It is not a reaction, it is experience.

Characterizing a person as logical or emotional when creating art, can be a deterrent or barrier to artistic expression. A “logical” person may fear creating art would make them too “emotional.” At the same time, raw emotional reactions can limit a person’s capacity to express themselves. Great stories stir emotions underneath the surface, uplift the spirit, and their messages transcend their narratives. Reframing logic as mindfulness, allows an artist to awaken to their potential to create with purpose and intention, not just storytelling through what makes sense.

Perhaps this may be too metaphysical of a reframe, but this reframe opens the mind of an artist who already has an open heart. Aiming to create from a place of inspiration or mindfulness, dissolves overwhelm of societal pressure to identify as extremes or taking on a stereotypical personality of what a creative should be. Creatives can be anyone they want to be, most importantly: themselves.

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