Share Your Vision

I recently read someone’s post that you need to keep your vision to yourself in order to protect it. In my experience, sharing your vision is what protects and preserves it. When you share your vision, you connect with people who can help or with whom you can collaborate. We are not meant to do things alone. We are meant to do our own work while connecting with others and our inspiration. Sharing your vision allows others to see you as you are and offers them the opportunity to forward resources or introduce you to others who can help you on your journey.

Facing criticism and continuing is an important part of sharing your vision. You will find more opportunities by sharing your vision. Facing the criticism that comes along with that also empowers you to refine your vision and renews your determination. Growth and evolution comes from connection. Your vision isn’t meant to isolate you. Your vision is meant to illuminate you and those around you. If someone does not agree with your vision, they are not meant to be a part of it. The fire inside of you of self-belief and purpose is meant to sustain your vision and facilitate your ability to overcome criticism and doubts of others.

Your faith in yourself must be stronger than your perception of the opinions of others. Learning who supports your success and who stifles it, is an important part of sharing your vision. If someone does not believe in themselves, they will not believe in you. If someone doubts themselves, they will doubt you. Someone can only meet you as far as they have met themselves. Sharing your vision with others can inspire others to do the same. Your failures are not permanent and your development is determined by you, not by the perception of someone who does not value you or your journey.

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